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This document provides a policy for Hermon Recreational Athletic programs. The following content listed below is not inclusive of every situation that may arise in youth athletics. Situations not specifically covered in this document are left to the Recreation Director’s discretion.


To offer the community of Hermon an organized opportunity to participate in youth athletics. Youth activities should encompass the ideals of skill development along with the benefits of learning life lessons associated with athletic participation. Our purpose is also to maintain a fluid relationship with other programs in our region and create an atmosphere for the student which is exemplary of best practices implemented by individuals who agree to work together for the long-term success of sporting programs, the individual participants, and all family members involved. Sportsmanship is our highest priority for all participants.
“Coaches coach, players play and parents cheer.”
General Policy

Participants must indicate agreement with the guidelines of the Hermon Recreational activity they choose by signing a “Player contract” at registration. A waiver releasing the Town of Hermon from lawsuits due to injury or illness must be signed by a parent/guardian at registration in order for their child to participate.

Coaches/ Volunteers agree to adhere to the rules and guidelines included in this document and also familiarize themselves with any sport-specific coaching guidelines supplied by Hermon Recreation. 
The director reserves the right to determine eligible participants based on the conduct of any participant or coach.  

Recreational Athletic Programs

Hermon Recreation offers a non-competitive athletic environment that is instructive for children in grades K-8. All participants who register play regardless of ability, gender, race, or socioeconomic status. The Recreation Director reserves the right to refuse participation if any participant is involved in an activity that endangers themselves or the welfare of others.

Selecting Coaches

The Hermon Recreation Department will select all coaches for its programs. Coaches will apply by application or express an interest at registration that they desire to be involved. Coaches must be willing to adhere to best practice principles as communicated in any athletic coaching guideline manual.  Coaches must sign a release of personal information to the Town of Hermon and sign a “Coaches Code of Conduct” before contact with any team members can occur.

Coaching Requirements 

Coaches will adhere to the program director that the department supports for the related activity.

Coaches will sign a “Coaches Code of Conduct” which affirms the fact that they understand our policy for team management and ethical standards for all people in leadership positions who have contact with families and children in the program.

Coaches will submit to a full background check facilitated by the Town of Hermon.

Facility Access/ “Gym time”

Gymnasium time is distributed by Town and School administrators who observe this reservation order:
  1. School
  2. Recreation Department Programs and Functions
  3. Community

“School” functions come first and are specific items that any School building Principal or administrator approves.

“Recreation Department” functions come after school items and are events that the Town of Hermon Recreation Department adds to the schedule. (See example list below)

Halloween Party
Father-Daughter Dance
Spring Celebration
Baseball/Softball Pre-season training
Rec  Basketball
Summer Program / Summer Sizzler